Nanotechnology Highlights
December 2002 (1-page PDF files)

Focus on Biosystems

Carbon Nanotubes on Silicon and Oxide Nanopores
University of Illinois

Application of Semiconductor Quantum Dots to Biology
University of California Davis

A Robust DNA-Based Nanomechanical Device
New York University

Focus on Structure & Phenomena: Mechanical/Chemical

• Creating Functional Nano-Environments by Controlled Self-Assembly
University of California Santa Barbara

Superhard Nanostructured Films
University of Minnesota

NanoTurf: Nano-engineered Low Flow Friction Surfaces
University of California Los Angeles

Integrated Devices from Self-Assembled Nanoscale Copolymer Templates
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Growth of Nanoporous Materials
University of Massachusetts Amherst

Unusual Electrodynamics of Metamaterials
University of Utah

Dendrimer-Stabilized Nanoparticles for Next-Generation Catalysts
University of South Carolina

Nanoelectronics – Breaking the Memory Gridlock
University of California Los Angeles

Focus on Structure & Phenomena: Electronic/Magnetic/Optoelectronic

Self-Aligned and Self-Limited Quantum Dot Nanoswitches
Ohio State University

Zeolitic Materials for Nanoscale Electronics & Quantum Computation
Ohio University

A NIRT on Optoelectronic Materials
University of Washington

Semiconductor Nanowires: Building Blocks for Nanoscale Devices
Penn State University

Molecular Nanomagnets
Texas A & M

Spin Transport and Dynamics in Nanoscale Hybrid Structures
University of California Irvine

Focus on Structure & Phenomena: Single Molecules

Carbon Nanotube Single-Electron Memory
University of Maryland

Single-Molecule Functional Nanostructures
Unversity of Pennsylvania

Quantum Effects in Single Molecule Magnets
New York University

Focus on Devices and Systems Architectures

Wiring single molecules into electronic circuits,
Arizona State University

Phonon Transport in Nanostructures
Carnegie Mellon University

Self-Assembly of Magnetic Nanostructures
University of Central Florida

Plasmonics: Nanoparticle Chain Arrays
California Institute of Technology

Nanoscale Single-Electron Switching Arrays for Self-Evolving Neuromorphic Networks
SUNY Stony Brook

Focus on Theory/Modeling/Simulation

Design of Nanoporous Molecular Square Catalysts using Multiscale Modeling
Northwestern University

Entropy driven Nano-motors and Nano-pumps
Johns Hopkins University

Centers and Networks

Theoretical Imaging of Electron Flow in a Nanowire
Harvard University

The Network for Computational Nanotechnology
Purdue University and Collaborating Institutions

Sponsored by the
National Science Foundation
NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees Conference, December 2002