Grantees Conference: Nanotechnology for Sustainable Society

The Conference is a combination of keynotes, panels, posters, program information sessions, discussions of research trends, and principal investigator meetings with NSF program directors. The presentations will cover research trends, foundational breakthroughs with broad relevance, overviews of progress and new research, education, and innovation areas with a focus in sustainable nanotechnology. Keynote presentations generally are followed by discussion panels. The following are the main themes:

Agenda updated December 16, 2022.

Day 1: Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Science and Engineering Foundations for Sustainable Nanotechnology

Note: all times are Eastern Time Zone

09:00Pre-Day 1 Poster Session
Session Co-Chairs: Dan Herr, bio, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Abiodun (Abby) Ilumoka, bio, NSF/EHR/DUE
10:25NNI Retrospective Presentation Trailer (3 minutes) - optional
10:30Welcome: Don Millard, NSF Deputy Assistant Director for Engineering
Welcome: NSF role and priorities for nanotechnology
Day 1 Theme: Science and Engineering Foundations for Sustainable Nanotechnology
10:40Mike Roco, NSF; abstract/bio
Overview Nanotechnology Foundations for Sustainable Society
11:00Introduction and sustainable nanotechnology landscape: Tools and assessment metrics

Session Co-Chairs: Dan Herr, bio, University of North Carolina – Greensboro and Nora Savage, bio, NSF/CBET
11:05Keynote: Jennifer Dunn, abstract/bio, Northwestern University;
Life Cycle Assessment: A framework for design of next generation environmentally responsible electronics
11:30Panelist I: Barbara Karn, abstract/bio, Sustainable Nanotechnology Organization
Promoting Sustainable Nanotechnology
11:36Panelist II: Arturo Keller, abstract/bio, Bren School, University of California Santa Barbara;
Sustainable Nanotechnology Landscape : Tools and Assessment Metrics
11:42Roundtable Q&A
12:00Fundamental aspects of sustainable nanotechnology, e.g. quantum biology

Session Co-Chairs: Clarice Aiello, abstract/bio, University of California Los Angeles and Engin Serpersu, bio, NSF/BIO/MCB
12:05Keynote: Gregory Engel, abstract/bio, University of Chicago
Quantum Dynamics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting: Design Principles for Steering Energy
12:30Panelist I: Wendy Beane, abstract/bio, Western Michigan University;
Quantum Control of Stem Cells
12:36Panelist II: Nikhil Malvankar, abstract/bio, Yale University;
Natural and Synthetic Microbial Protein Nanowires for Bioelectronic Interfaces
12:42Roundtable Q&A
13:00Lunch Break
NNI Retrospective at 20 years video (25 min) - optional
13:30Eco Nanomanufacturing

Session Co-Chairs: Paul Westerhoff, bio, Arizona State University and Khershed Cooper, bio, NSF/ENG/CMMI
13:35Keynote: Zak Holman, abstract/bio, Arizona State University
Bringing a nanomaterial deposition technology to market
14:00Panelist I: Shu Yang, abstract/bio, University of Pennsylvania;
Eco-manufacturing of Shape Morphing and Sustainable Nanomaterials
14:06Panelist II: Margaret Sobkowicz Kline, abstract/bio, University of Massachusetts Lowell;
Eco-Nanomanufacturing (Through a Polymer Lens)
14:12Roundtable Q&A
14:30Nanotechnology for clean and sustainable energy conversion

Session Co-Chairs: Uwe Kortshagen, bio, University of Minnesota and Carole Read, bio, NSF/ENG/CBET
14:35Keynote: Harry Atwater, abstract/bio, California Institute of Technology;
Three Grand Challenges for Energy Nanoscience and Sustainability
15:00Panelist I: Lea Nienhaus, abstract/bio, Florida State University;
Photon Transformers: Relaxing Quantum Confinement in Nanocrystal-Sensitized Photon Upconversion
15:06Panelist II: Aaswath Raman, abstract/bio, University of California Los Angeles;
Thermal Photonics: New Capabilities in Spectral and Directional Control and Radiative Cooling Applications
15:12Roundtable Q&A
15:30Break 15'
15:45Nanotechnology for clean and sustainable energy storage

Session Co-Chairs: Eric Detsi, bio, University of Pennsylvania and Robert Meulenberg, bio, NSF DMR
15:50Keynote: Sarah Tolbert, abstract/bio, University of California Los Angeles
Fast Charging Batteries to Enable Clean Energy Solutions
16:15Panelist I: Y. Shirley Meng, abstract/bio, University of Chicago;
Designing Better Materials for Future Batteries
16:21Panelist II: Paul Braun, abstract/bio, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign;
Scaling Sustainable Nanotechnology for Electrochemical Energy Storage
16:27Roundtable Q&A
16:45Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 2: Thursday, December 8, 2022

Nanotechnology for the environment, society,
and workforce development

Note: all times are Eastern Time Zone

Pre-Day 2 Poster Session
Session Co-Chairs: Dan Herr, bio, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Abiodun (Abby) Ilumoka, bio, NSF/EHR/DUE
Day 2 Theme: Nanotechnology for the environment, society, and workforce development
11:00Nanotechnology for the environment, society, and workforce development

Session Co-Chairs: Omowunmi (Wunmi) Sadik, bio, New Jersey Institutes of Technology; Pradeep Fulay, bio, NSF/TIP/ITE
11:05Keynote: Catherine Murphy, abstract/bio, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;
Nanotechnology for the Environment and Social Justice
11:30Panelist I: Wen Zhang, abstract/bio, New Jersey Institute of Technology;
Nanotechnology-enabled Materials and Processes for Sustainable Pollution Mitigation
11:36Panelist II: Philip Demokritou, abstract/bio, Rutgers University
Sustainable Nanotechnology: Bio-inspired, nature DERIVED AND nontoxic nanomaterials for agri-food applications
11:42Roundtable Q&A
12:00Nanotechnology for sustainable nanomaterials and a clean geoenvironment

Session Co-Chairs: Junhong Chen, bio, University of Chicago and Argonne National Laboratory; Suk-Wah Tam-Chang, bio NSF/CHE

12:05Keynote 1: Greg Lowry, abstract/bio, Carnegie Mellon University;
Opportunities for Nanotechnology to Improve the Sustainability of Agriculture
12:30Panelist I: Stacey Harper, abstract/bio, Oregon State University
Pacific Northwest Consortium on Plastics: Convergence on Micro- and Nanoplastics in Aquatic Environments
12:36Panelist II: Simon Humphrey, abstract/bio, University of Texas at Austin
Atom-Efficient Nanocatalysts for Point-of-Need Applications: Potable Water Treatment and Flare Gas Reduction
12:42Roundtable Q&A
13:00Lunch Break
NNI Retrospective at 20 years video (25 min) - optional
13:30Nano EHS to concurrently monitor and improve the environment and health

Session Co-Chairs: Mark Tuominen, bio, University of Massachusetts-Amherst; Nora Savage, bio, NSF/ENG/CBET
13:35Keynote: Aaron Sadow, abstract/bio, Iowa State University
Upcycling Polyolefins via Selective Catalytic Conversions
14:00Panelist I: Leanne Gilbertson, abstract/bio, University of Pittsburgh;
Beyond the Nanomaterial
14:06Panelist II: Qilin Li, abstract/bio, Rice University;
A path to safe and sustainable use of engineered nanomaterials in environmental applications
14:12Roundtable Q&A
14:30Evidence-based SEI knowledge, attitude and practice

Session Co-Chairs: David Berube, bio – North Carolina State University and Frederick Kronz, bio, NSF/SES

14:35Keynote: Rosalyn Berne, abstract/bio, University of Virginia;
Drawing on the Wisdom of Hans Jonas: Ethical considerations for sustainable nanotechnology
15:00Panelist I: Jameson Wetmore, abstract/bio, Arizona State University;
Societal and Ethical Implications Training Programs in the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Infrastructure
15:06Panelist II: Lee Ann Kahlor, abstract/bio, University of Texas at Austin;
SEI@TNF: science Communication Research at the University of Texas at Austin
15:12Roundtable Q&A
15:30Break 15'
15:45Education and Sustainable Nanotechnology

Session Co-Chairs: Deb Newberry, bio, Newberry Technology Associates and Celeste Carter, NSF/DUE
15:50Keynote: Christine Broadbridge, abstract/bio, Southern Connecticut State University;
Sustainable Nanotechnology Education Addressing Global Problems at the Nanoscale
16:05Panelist I: Celeste Carter, abstract/bio, NSF/DUE;
Sustainable Nanotechnology: The NSF ATE Program Educating the Skilled Technical Workforce
16:13Panelist II: Osama Awadelkarim, abstract/bio, The Pennsylvania State University;
Nanotechnology Workforce Development at the Pennsylvania State University
16:23Panelist III: Pawan Tyagi, abstract/bio, University of the District of Columbia;
NSF CREST Center for Nanotechnology Research and Education Enabling Diverse Workforce
16:30Roundtable Q&A
16:50Conference wrap-up
Closing Comments – Nora Savage, Mike Roco, Khershed Cooper, and Dan Herr