A Focus on Nanobiology

The Conference is a combination of keynotes, panels, posters, program information sessions, discussions of research trends, and principal investigator meetings with NSF program directors.

The presentations will cover research trends, foundational breakthroughs with broad relevance, overviews of progress and new research, education, and innovation areas with a focus on nanobiology, nanobiomanufacturing, and nano-biomedicine. Keynote presentations are followed by discussion panels.

  • Day 1: Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiomanufacturing
    Nanoscale science and engineering at NSF, Quantum biology and quantum sensing, Synthetic biology, Nanobio architecture, Cell based nanomanufacturing, and Distributed nanomanufacturing systems.
  • Day 2: Nanobiomedicine and Infrastructure
    Regenerative medicine, Targeted drug delivery, Nanoscale phenomena in plant and agricultural systems, Education and infrastructure for nanobio world.
  • Poster sessions with a focus on research and education projects, centers, and partnerships will be held on both days. The conference site is Westin Alexandria Hotel near the NSF building.
  • Live stream of the conference will be available during the event.

Agenda updated December 4, 2023.

Day 1: Thursday, December 7, 2023

Nanobiotechnology and Nanobiomanufacturing

Note: all times are Eastern Time Zone

9 amPoster Session
Session Co-Chairs: Dan Herr, bio, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Nora Savage, bio, NSF/CBET
10:30NSF welcome and overviewSusan Margulies, bio, NSF; NSF Welcome
10:40Mike Roco, abstract/bio, NSF
Nanotechnology for Global Emerging Science and Technology System
11:00Session 1. Quantum Biology and Quantum Sensing
NSF co-chairs: Ale Lukaszew, bio, NSF ENG/ECCS;
Paul A. Lane, bio, NSF DMR
Academic Co-chair: Frances Ligler, bio, Texas A&M University
Keynote Speaker – Vladislav (Vlad) Yakovlev, abstract/bio, Texas A&M University
Towards Quantum Bio-Sensing and Bio-Imaging

  • Theodore Goodson, abstract/bio, University of Michigan
    Entangled Photon Interactions in Biological Materials
  • Clarice D. Aiello, abstract/bio, QuBiT Lab, University of California Los Angeles
    Quantum Biology: how nature harnesses quantum processes to function optimally, and how might we control such quantum processes to therapeutic and tech advantage
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
12:00Session 2. Synthetic Biology: Biomolecular Computation, Design, and Evolution
NSF co-chair: David Rockcliffe, bio, NSF BIO/MCB
Academic co-chair: Mary Dunlop, bio, Boston University
Keynote Speaker – Andy Ellington, abstract/bio, University of Texas
Is a blind watchmaker the same as a blind neural net?

  • Elisa Franco, abstract/bio, University of California - Los Angeles
    Building artificial RNA organelles via phase separation
  • Kevin Solomon, abstract/bio, University of Delaware
    Barley Strip Mosaic Virus-Like Particles as Biotemplates for Mineralization of Metallic Nanoparticles
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
1 pmLunch Break
1:30Session 3. Nanobio architecture (multi-scale assembly / bio-inspired assembly)
NSF co-chair: Alex Simonian, bio, NSF ENG/CBET
Academic co-chairs: Daniel Roxbury, bio, University of Rhode Island
Keynote Speaker – Benedetto Marelli, abstract/bio, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Engineering Nature Building Blocks to Boost Planetary Health

  • LaShanda Korley, abstract/bio, University of Delaware
    Utilizing concepts of mechanics, transport, and assembly in Nature – towards responsive materials
  • Salil Desai, abstract/bio, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University
    Hybrid Nanoscale Bio-Additive Manufacturing For Tissue Regeneration
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
2:30Session 4. Cell based nanomanufacturing
NSF co-chair: Steven Peretti, NSF ENG/CBET
Academic Co-Chair: Rebecca Taylor, bio, Carnegie Mellon University
Keynote Speaker – Laura Segatori, abstract/bio, Rice University
Functional interaction of nanomaterials with cellular clearance and stress response pathways

  • Megan McCain, abstract/bio, University of Southern California
    Precise manufacturing of multi-lineage tissues by integrating synthetic cell receptors, patterned biomaterials, and organoids
  • Shohreh Hemmati, abstract/bio, Oklahoma State University
    From Sustainable and Continuous Metal Nanostructure Manufacturing towards Future Nanotherapy Biomanufacturing
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
3:30Break 15'
3:45Session 5. Distributed BIOmanufacturing systems
NSF co-chair: Andy Wells, bio, NSF ENG/CMMI
Academic Co-Chair: Shaochen Chen, bio, University of California San Diego
Keynote Speaker – Lijie Grace Zhang, abstract/bio, The George Washington University
4D Bioprinting Smart and Nanomaterials for Complex Tissue Regeneration

  • Yonggang Ke, abstract/bio, Emory University
    Programmable self-assembly of Bio-Abionic hybrid materials
  • Eleftheria Roumeli, abstract/bio, University of Washington
    Utilizing Biomatter to Engineer Sustainable Hierarchical Materials

Q&A Roundtable following presentations
4:45Day 1 Wrap-up

Day 2: Friday, December 8, 2023

Nanobiomedicine and Infrastructure

Note: all times are Eastern Time Zone

9 am
Pre-Day 2 Poster Session
Session Co-Chairs: Dan Herr, bio, University of North Carolina-Greensboro; Nora Savage, bio, NSF/CBET
11:00Session 6. Regenerative medicine
NSF co-chair: Stephanie George, bio, NSF ENG/CBET
Academic Co-Chair and Panelist – Gabriela Romero-Uribe, abstract/bio, University of Texas - San Antonio
Keynote Speaker – Sarah Stabenfeldt, abstract/bio, Arizona State University
Leveraging biomaterial systems to address traumatic brain injury via regenerative medicine, nanotherapeutics, and biomarker discovery

  • Gabriela Romero-Uribe, abstract/bio, University of Texas - San Antonio
    Nanoactuators for Neural Modulation
  • Urara Hasegawa, abstract/bio, Pennsylvania State University
    Controlled Delivery of Reactive Sulfur Species for Stimulating Angiogenesis
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
12:00Session 7. Future of nanomedicine: Realizing the potential of targeted drug delivery
NSF Co-Chair: Randy Duran, NSF EEC/ERC
Academic Co-Chair: Anita Shukla, bio, Brown University
Keynote Speaker – Liangfang Zhang, abstract/bio, University of California - San Diego
Overview of Nanoparticle-based Targeted Drug Delivery

  • Michael Mitchell, abstract/bio, University of Pennsylvania
    Lipid Nanoparticles for Overcoming Biological Barriers to mRNA Delivery
  • Julie Champion, abstract/bio, Georgia Institute of Technology; Future of nanomedicine Panel: Realizing the potential of targeted drug delivery
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
1 pmLunch Break
2:00Session 8. Nanoscale phenomena in plants/agricultural systems
NSF co-chair: Gerald Schoenknecht, bio, NSF BIO/IOS/PGRP
Academic co-chair: Tessa Burch-Smith, bio, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center
Keynote Speaker – Michael Knoblauch, abstract/bio, Washington State University
Plasmodesmata – nanopores in Plant Tissues

  • Samuel Hazen, abstract/bio, University of Massachusetts Amherst
    The Plant Cell Wall; A Carbon Sink
  • Marna D. Yandeau-Nelson, abstract/bio, Iowa State University
    The Plant Cuticle: Structure, Function and Inspiration
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
3:15Break 15'
3:30Session 9. Integrating Education and Research in Nanobiotechnology and Nanomedicine
NSF Co-Chair: Abiodun (Abby) Ilumoka, bio, NSF EHR
Academic Co-Chair: Victor Muñoz, bio, University of California - Merced
Keynote Speaker – Younan Xia, abstract/bio, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nanobottles for Encapsulation, Controlled Release, and Graduate Training

  • Rein Ulijn, abstract/bio, City University of New York; Nano-Bio Graduate Research and Education at the City University of New York
  • Paresh Chandra Ray, abstract/bio, Jackson State University; Enhancing Diversity in Nano-Biotechnology Research and Education
  • Brandon Mitchell, abstract/bio, West Chester University of Pennsylvania; Expanding Hands-On Nanoscience and Nanobiology Experiences for Middle School to Undergraduate Students
Q&A Roundtable following presentations
4:50Conference wrap-up