Grantees Conference: Nanomanufacturing Focus

The Conference is a combination of keynotes, panels, posters, program information sessions, discussions of research trends, and principal investigator meetings with NSF program directors. and the following preliminary themes:

  • Day 1: Nanotechnology foundation for emerging science and technology
    Nanoscale science and engineering at NSF, Trends in basic nanomanufacturing research, Nanomanufacturing infrastructure, Nanomanufacturing strategies for semiconductors, advanced wireless systems, and quantum systems
  • Day 2: Nanomanufacturing for tomorrow
    AI and cyber applications in nanomanufacturing, Bio-nanomanufacturing for biomedicine, biomedical and agricultural technologies, Using synthetic biology, Nanomanufacturing networks and resources
  • Poster sessions with a focus on research and eduction projects, centers, and partnershis will be held on both days
  • Live stream of the conference will be available during the event

Academic Organizing Committee:
Dan Herr, UNCG (Academic conference chair); William Wilson, Harvard University (co-chair); Bethanie Stadler, University of Minnesota (co-chair); and Mark Tuominen (University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

NSE 2021