ROOM # 365          
Area Last Name First Name Institution Award POSTER TITLE
Biosystems Burke David U of Michigan NIRT 2003 Manipulation of DNA-Protein Interactions at the Nano-Scale
Biosystems Hurt Robert Brown University NIRT 2005 Micropatterned Nanotopography Chips for Probing the Cellular Basis of Biocompatibility and Toxicity
Biosystems Longo Margie U of Cal Davis NIRT 2005 Aerogels and Nanoporous Materials for Biological Membranes
Biosystems Xu Xiaohong Old Dominion University NIRT 2005 Design of Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Probing Living Cellular Functions and Their Potential Environmental Impacts
Biosystems Hone Jim Columbia University NIRT 2005 Nanoscale Bioarrays for Studies of Cellular Adhesion and Molecular Binding
Biosystems Gervay-Hague Jacquelyn U of Cal Davis NIRT 2002 Probing Viral Adhesion with Nanoengineered Biomembranes and Quantum Dots
Biosystems Belfort George RPI NIRT 2003 Inteins as Nanoswitches for Biotechnology: Linking Molecular Modeling with Physical and Genetic Methods
Silicon Hone Jim Columbia University NIRT 2005 Combined Optical, Electrical, Mechanical, and Thermal Characterization of Individual Nanotubes
Devices Velegol Darrell PA State U University Park NIRT 2003 Bottom Up Assembly of Metal and Semiconductor Nanowires: Fundamental Forces to Nanoelectric Circuits
Devices Kim Hong Koo U of Pittsburgh NIRT 2004 Plasmonic Nanostructured Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing
Devices Bandyopadhyay Supriyo Virginia Commonwealth Univ NIRT 2005 Computing with quantum dots and nanowires: A neuromorphic paradigm for nanoelectronic
ROOM # 370          
Area Last Name First Name Institution Award POSTER TITLE
Environ. Processes Lo Cynthia U of Alaska-Fairbanks NIRT 2004 Structure and Reactivity of Clean and Hydrated a-Fe203 (1-102), studied via Density Functional Theory
Environ. Processes Davies Simon Michigan State University NIRT 2005 Removal of Natural and Synthetic nanomaterials from Drinking Water using Hybrid Ozonation-Nanofiltration
Manufacturing Kover Desiderio University of Texas at Austin NIRT 2003 Nanoscale Manufacturing-Nonlinear Nanocomposites for Magnetostrictive Actuators and Photonic Devices
Manufacturing Deymier Pierre U of Arizona NIRT 2003 Reversible and Directional Self-Assembly of Bio-Molecular Templates for Nanotechnology Interconnects
Manufacturing Gouma Pelagia SUNY at Stony Brook NIRT 2003 Electrospun Metal Oxide nanowires for Sensing Signaling Gases
Manufacturing Girshick Steven U of Minnesota-Twin Cities NIRT 2005 Manufacturing with Nanoparticles Sprays and Beams
Manufacturing Maboudian Roya U of Cal Berkeley NIRT 2003 Functionalized Nanowires for Electromechanical Detection of Molecules
Manufacturing Huo Qun North Dakota State U Fargo NIRT 2005 NIRT: Total chemical synthesis, property and modeling study of nanoparticle/polymer hybrid materials
Manufacturing Reed Michael University of Virginia NIRT 2005 Science and Technology of Nanoporous Alloy Metal Films
ROOM # 380          
Area Last Name First Name Institution Award POSTER TITLE
Structures/Phenomena Galoppini Elena Rutgers Univ New Brunswick NIRT 2003 Electronic Interactions in Hybrid Organic-Nanoparticle Materials
Structures/Phenomena Simon Sindee Texas Tech U NIRT 2003 Tg and Dynamic Hetergeneity at the Nanoscale
Structures/Phenomena Abruna Hector Cornell NIRT 2004 Transport through Single Molecules: Traffic Lights and Mechanized Drawbridges
Structures/Phenomena Ling Xinsheng Brown NIRT 2004 DNA Sequencing and translocation Studies using Electrically Addressable Nanopore Arrays
Structures/Phenomena Meinhart Carl U of CA-Santa Barbara NIRT 2004 NIRT-Titanium-Based Biomolecular Manipulation Tools
Structures/Phenomena Majetich Sara Carnegie Mellon University NIRT 2005 Single Particle Per Bit Magnetic Information Storage
Structures/Phenomena Pei Qibing U of Cal Los Angeles NIRT 2005 Synthesis and Applications of Polyaniline Nanofibers
Structures/Phenomena Sherwin Mark U of Cal Santa Barbara NIRT 2005 Semiconductor nanostructures and microcavities for quantum information processing with Terahertz electromagnetic fields
Structures/Phenomena Yu Edward T U of Cal San Diego NIRT 2005 Semiconductor nanowire-baswed electronics and optoelectronics
Structures/Phenomena Bozin Emil Michigan State University NIRT 2003 Structure of Nanocrystals
Structures/Phenomena Holtz Mark Texas Tech University NIRT 2003 Self-Assembly of Ni Nanodots and VLS Growth of GaN Nanowires
Structures/Phenomena Chrzan Daryl U of Cal Berkeley NIRT 2003 Ideal Strength and Mechanical Properties at the Nanoscale
ROOM # 390          
Area Last Name First Name Institution Award POSTER TITLE
Industry/Opportunities Chapas Rich Pacific Northwest Lab (PNL) INVITED NEED TITLE--on IRI
Industry/Opportunities Jones Phil IMERYS INVITED Opportunities for Nanotechnology in the Forest Products Industry
Industry/Opportunities Metha Manish National Center for Manufacturing Sciences INVITED Industry Survey on Nanomanufacturing
Industry/Opportunities Rae Alan Nanodynamics Inc. INVITED Nanotechnology Opportunities in the Electronic Supply Chain
DOE Nano Shinn Neal Sandia National Laboratories INVITED The DOE Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies
Nanoscale/Networks Tiwari Sandip Cornell University NNIN National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network
Nanoscale/Networks Cole Kyle Stanford University NSEC 2004 Outreach Programs at the Center for Probing the Network
Nanoscale/Networks Priest Susanna University of South Carolina NIRT 2003 & NSEC 2005 Nanotechnology: Instruments, Images and the Public nanoScience and Technology Studies Group, USC NanoCenter
Nanoscale/Networks Graham Robert Harvard University NSEC 2001 Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center Harvard, MIT, UC Santa Barbara, Museum of Science, Boston Science of Nanoscale Systems and their Device Applications
Theory/Modeling/Sim. Anderson Kurt RPI NIRT 2003 Modelling and Simulation Framework at the Nanoscale
Theory/Modeling/Sim. Sinno Talid U of Pennsylvania NIRT 2004 Directed Assembly of Nanostructures: Theory, Simulations and Experiments in Hard and Soft Materials
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