2005 Nanoscale Science and Technology Grantee Conference

National Science Foundation, Room 375, Arlington, Virginia

December 12-15, 2005


Conference Program (speakers in bold)

www.nsf.gov/nano and www.nseresearch.org


Monday (12/12/05) - Review NIRT (I)

Tuesday (12/13/05) – Review NIRT (II)

Wednesday (12/14/05) – Review NSEC and NSF nanotechnology networks

Thursday (12/15/05) – Review NASA and DOD nanotechnology centers, Panels


Day 1: Monday, December 12, 2005

Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Projects (I)

Poster Presentations (Rooms 320, 365, 370, 380 and 390)


7:30     Coffee (in Room 375)


8:30     Conference Overview, JoAnn Lighty


8:35     Welcome, Richard Buckius, NSF


8:45     Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF (pdf), Mike Roco


Session A. Focus on Biosystems

Moderator: JoAnn Lighty, and Gerald Selzer, NSF


9:00 Nanostructured Composites Mimicking Bone, (0404000)

         PIs: Laurie Gower, E. P. Douglas, J. J. Mecholsky, D.L. Wheeler; University of Florida


9:15 Bioinspired Nanoarchitecture (pdf), (0403990)

         PIs: Carl A. Batt, E. R. Angert, D. T. McQuade, A. Waldron, X. Yang; Cornell University


9:30 Direct Electronic Sensing of Biomolecular Activity and Signaling (pdf), (0404057)

PIs: Philip G. Collins, N. Allbritton, R.M. Penner, G. A. Weiss; Univ. of CA, Irvine




10:10 Watching Proteins Bend DNA with Subnanometer Resolution (pdf), (0404286)

PIs: Thomas T. Perkins, M.D. Betterton, J.A. Goodrich; Univ. of CO, Boulder


10:25 Whole-Cell Biosynthesis of Nanostructured Metal Oxide Semiconductors (pdf) (0400648)

PIs: Gregory L. Rorrer, C-H. Chang, J. Jio; Oregon State University


10:40 Integration of Photosynthetic Complexes into Novel Biomolecular Electronic Devices (pdf), (0403781)

         PIs: Barry D. Bruce, M. A. Baldo, S. Zhang; Univ. of TN, Knoxville


**     Nanomolecular Interactions of Novel Biological and Synthetic Polyelectrolyte Brushes (pdf), (0403903);PIs: Alan J. Grodzinsky, J. Genzer, C. Ortiz, I. G. Szleifer; MIT

(Moved to Tuesday at 4:40pm)


Session A1. Focus on Societal and Educational Impact

Moderator: Rachelle Hollander, NSF


10:55 Building Capacity for Social and Ethical Research and Education in Agrifood Nanotechnology (pdf), (0403847); PIs: Paul B. Thompson, L.M. Busch, B.J. Deaton, J.R. Lloyd, J.V. Stone; Michigan State University


Session B. Focus on Structures and Phenomena

Moderator: Mark Tuominen and Laverne Hess


11:10 DNA Sequencing and Translocation Studies using Electrically Addressable Nanopore Arrays (pdf), (0403891)

         PIs: Xinsheng S. Ling, A. Meller, D.R. Nelson, J. I. Yeh; Brown University

11:25 Atom-Scale Silicon Integrated Circuits for Quantum Computation (pdf), (0404208)

         PIs: Tsugn-Cheng Shen, J. Bokor, R-R Du, T-P. Ma, J. R. Tucker, Utah State Univ.

11:40 Spin Distributions and Dynamics in Magnetic Nanostructured Materials (pdf), (0404252)

         PIs: James L. Erskine, A. L. deLozanne, Q. Niu, M. Tsoi, R. M. Walser; Univ. Texas-Austin



1:00 Bringing nanotechnology in the media

Curt Supplee, NSF/OLPA


1:15 Science and Technology of Self-Assembled Magnetic and Superconducting Nano Arrays (pdf),

(0403480); PIs: Dhananjay Kumar, A.F. Hebard, J. Narayan, J. Sankar, L. C. Uitenham; NCATU

1:30 Nano-Hybrids and Nanobiohybrids: Bottom-up Approach to Nanopatterned Surface Arrays (pdf), (0404195); PIs: Ulrich B. Wiesner, B. A. Baird, S. M. Gruner, D. A. Muller; Cornell University


1:45 Multiphase Functional Nanomaterials (pdf), (0404278); PIs: Derrick R. Dean, L. A. Archer, T. M. Floyd, P. M. Leggett-Robinson; Tuskegee, Univ. Alabama-Birm, Cornell University


2:00 Fundamental Understanding of Nanofluids for Advanced Bioseparation and Analysis (pdf), (0404124); PIs: Sang M. Han, S. R. Brueck, C.F. Ivory, G.P. Lopez, D. N. Petsev; University of New Mexico

2:15 Titamium-Based Biomolecular Manipulation Tools (pdf), (0404444); PIs: Carl D. Meinhart, N.C. MacDonald, I. Mezic, C.R. Safinya; University of California – Santa Barbara


2:30 Novel Experiments and Models for the Nanomechanics of Polymeric and Biological Nanofibers (pdf), (0403876); PIs: Ioannis Chasiotis, E.C. Aifantis, R. Ballarini, S.J. Eppell, L. Zhigilei; University of Virginia


2:45 Redox and Conduction Routing in Molecular Electronics (pdf), (0403806); PIs: Hector D. Abruna, G.W. Coates, D.C. Ralph, M.A. Ratner, J.P. Sethna; Cornell University

3:00 Configurable Nano Patterned Polar Surfaces for Molecular Pattern Formation and Transfer (pdf), (0403871); PIs: Robert J. Nemanich, L.I. Clarke, C.B. Gorman, A. Gruverman, T. P. Pearl; North Carolina State University


3:15 Nanostructured Functionally Graded Metalloceramic Biomaterials, (0402891)

         PIs: Yogesh K. Vohra, S.L. Bellis, S.A. Catledge, A.W. Eberhardt, J.E. Lemons; University of Alabama-Birmingham



** Zeolite Nanoparticles: Energy, Environment and Microelectronics, (0404376); PIs: Yushan Yan, M.E. Davis, M.W. Deem; University of California - Riverside - CANCELLED



3:55 Nanotube Based Structures for High Resolution Control of Thermal Transport (pdf), (0404370); PIs: Cecilia D. Richards, D.F. Bahr, C-S. Chiang, J. Jiao, R.F. Richards; Washington State University


4:10 Biocatalytic Membrane Nanosystems (BMNs) (pdf), (0403897); PIs: Vadim Guliants, C.A. Caperelli, J.Y.S. Lin, N.G. Pinto; University of Cincinnati


Session C. Focus on Environmental Processes at the Nanoscale

Moderator: Enriquetta Barrerra


4:25 Combustion-Generated Nonparticles: The Role of Transition Metals in Nanoparticle and Pollutant Formation (pdf), (0404314); PIs: Barry Dellinger, R.W. Hall, R.L. McCarley, E.D. Poliakoff, M.J. Wornat; Louisiana State University & Southern University A&M College

4:40 Nanoparticle-Environment Interfaces: Interactions in Natural Systems (pdf), (0403732); PIs: Udo Becker, R.C. Ewinng, L. Wang; University of Michigan


4:55 Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of Aqueous Geochemical Interfaces – The role of Nanoscale and Molecular Structures in Dictating Environmental Reactivity, (0404400); PIs: Thomas P. Trainor, G.E. Brown, A.M. Chaka, P. Eng, P.I. Trivedi; University of Alaska - Fairbanks


5:10 Response of Aquatic and Terrestrial Microorganisms to Carbon-Based Manufactured Nanoparticles, (0404006); PIs: Ronald F. Turco, N. Carroll, T. Filley, C.T. Jafvert, L. Nies; Purdue University          


5:25-6:00 Discussion on research opportunities and needs


6:15 Conference Dinner



Day 2: Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Projects Presentations (II)

Poster Presentations (Rooms 525,535, 545 and 595)

8:00 am Coffee in Room 375


Session D. Focus on Devices

Moderator: Michael Foster and Rajinder Khosla


8:15 Field Effect Switching of Molecular Charge Configurations of QCA, (0403760); PIs: Craig S. Lent, T.P. Fehlner, S.A. Kandel, M. Lieberman, G.L. Snider; University of Notre Dame


8:30 Plasmonic Nanostructure Devices for Chemical and Biological Sensing (pdf), (0403865); PIs: Hong Koo Kim, R. D. Coalson, H. Petek, D. H. Waldeck., G.C. Walker; University of Pittsburgh


8:45 Devices and Architectures for Neuromorphic Circuits with Nanoelectronic Components, (0403618); PIs: Konstantin K. Likharev, J.E. Lukens, A. Mayr, A. Pacelli; SUNY Stony Brook


9:00 Photonic Crystal Fibers with Nanoscale Functionalized Air Holes as Robust Chemical and Biological Sensors (pdf), (0404002); PIs: Henry H. Du, R. Bise, C. Christodoulatos, H-L. Cui, S.A. Sukhisvili; Stevens Institute of Technology

9:15 Fabrication of Functional Architectures through the Directed Assembly of Nanoscale Building Blocks (pdf), (0403673); PIs: John B. Wiley, L.M. Malkinski, L. Spinu, S.L. Whittenburg, W. Zhou; University of New Orleans


9:30 Technologies, Architectures and Performance Analysis for Nanoelectronics (pdf), (0403674); PIs: John E. Savage, A. DeHon, C.M. Lieber; Brown University


9:45 Electronic Devices from Nano-Patterned Epitaxial Graphite (pdf), (0404084); PIs: Walter A. De Heer, P.N. First, J.D. Meindl, T. Orlando; GA Tech Research Corp - GIT

10:00 Printed Semiconducting Carbon Nanotube Arrays for High Performance Flexible Plastic Electronic Systems (pdf), (0403489); PIs: John A. Rogers, H. Adesida, J.W. Lyding, M. Shim, M.S. Strano; University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign




10:40 Nanophotonics for Optical Delay Engineering (NODE) (pdf), (0403589); PIs: Y. Fainman, P.R. Bandaru, J.E. Ford, S. Mookherjea, P. Yu; University California – San Diego

10:55 Highly Integrated Optical Nanoparticle-Based Sensing Systems Based on Nanoparticle Synthesis, Assembly and Integration (pdf), (0403912); PIs: April S. Brown, N.M. Jokerst, T.F. Kuech, N. Ramanujam, C.H. Winter; Duke University

11:10 Miniaturized Chemical Sensors Featuring Electrical Breakdown near Carbon Nanotube Tips (pdf), (0403789); PIs: Nikhil Koratkar, P.M. Ajayan, T. Borca-Tasciuc, S.M. Cramer, S. Nayak; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


11:25 Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films for MEMS and Biomedical Devices (pdf), (0404137); PIs: Ashok Kumar, S. Bhansali, I.I. Oleynik, A.K. Sikder, T.M. Weller; University of South Florida


11:40 -1:00 POSTER SESSION (html) and WORKING LUNCH

1:00 International perspective

Larry Weber, NSF


Session E. Focus on Theory, Modeling and Simulation

Moderator: Ken Chong, NSF

1:15 Complex Fluids Confined at the Nanoscale (pdf), (0403997); PIs: Buhbul Chakraborty, C. Chamon, J. Kondev, D. Reichman; Brandeis University, Boston University and Harvard University


1:30 Theoretical Nanomechanics: From Cells to Solids (pdf), (0404031); PIs: Michael R. Geller, M.P. Belncowe, R.B. Phillips, T.R. Powers; University of Georgia, Dartmouth College, California Institute of Technology and Brown University

1:45 Multiscale Simulation of Nanoparticle Aggregation for Scale Up of High-Rate Synthesis Methods (pdf), (0403864); PIs: Rodney O. Fox, S.C. Garrick, M.S. Gordon, M.H. Lamm, C.M. Sorensen; Iowa State University


2:00 Surfactant Self-Assembly on Nano-Structured Surfaces: Multi-Scale Computational Prediction and Design (pdf), (0403633); PIs: Keith E. Gubbins, J. Bernholc, D.W. Brenner, S.C. Glotzer; North Carolina State University

2:15 Directed Assembly of Nanostructures: Theory, Simulations and Experiments in Hard and Soft Materials (pdf), (0404259); PIs: Talid R. Sinno, J.L. Bassani, J.C. Crocker, J. Lukes, V. Vitek; University of Pennsylvania

2:30 Interphase Design for Extraordinary Nanocomposites: Multiscale Modeling and Characterization (pdf), (0404291); PIs: Catherine C. Brinson, I.J. Beyerlein, S.K. Kumar, L.S. Schadler; Northwestern University

Session F. Focus on Manufacturing

        Moderator: Kevin Lyons, NSF


2:45 Laser-Guided Assembly of Nanosystems (pdf), (0404030); PI: Gregory Timp, P. Braun, A.C. Cangellaris, G. Wong; University of Illinois - Urbana

3:00 Fabrication of Hollow Fiber Polymer/Porous-Layered Nanocomposite Membranes for Gas Separations (pdf), (0403574); PIs: Michael Tsapatsis, F.S. Bates, W.J. Koros, E. Marand, S. Nair; University of Minnesota, University of Texas at Austin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Georgia Institute of Technology


3:15 Industry Survey on Nanomanufacturing (pdf), Manish Mehta, National Center for

Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS)




3:40 Nanofiber Manufacturing for Energy Conversion and Utilization (pdf), (0403835; PIs: Darrell H. Reneker, G.G. Chase, E.A. Evans, R.D. Ramsier, G.W. Young; University of Akron

3:55 Nanomanufacturing Strategy and System Design for Nanoscale Patterned Magnetic Recording Medium (pdf), (0404308); PIs: Dmitri Litvinov, T. R. Lee, D.K. Weller, C.G. Wilson, J.C. Wolfe; University of Houston, University of Texas, Seagate


4:10 Nanoscale Electromolecular Lithography (NEL) (pdf), (0404458); PIs: Yong Chen, M. Lieberman, J.F. Stoddart, X. Zhang; University of California- Los Angeles (University of Notre Dame)


4:25 Electron Beam CVD: A New Tool for Manufacturing Nanomaterials and Devices (pdf), (0403671); PIs: W. Jack Lackey, A.G. Fedorov, T. Orlando, Z.L. Wang; Georgia Institute of Technology


4:40 Nanomolecular Interactions of Novel Biological and Synthetic Polyelectrolyte Brushes (pdf), (0403903);PIs: Alan J. Grodzinsky, J. Genzer, C. Ortiz, I. G. Szleifer; MIT

         (NOTE: This presentation is part of the topic “Biosystems at the nanoscale“)


4:55-5:25 Discussion: Research and education priorities


6:00 Dinner


Day 3: Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Nanoscale Centers and Networks Presentations (NSECs, NNIN, NCN)

Poster Presentations (Rooms 525,535, 545 and 595)

8:00     Coffee in Room 375


Session G. Nanoscale Centers & Networks

Moderator: Ulrich Strom and Bruce Kramer


8:30 Introduction of Program (Mike Roco, Ulrich Strom)


Presentations (20 minute presentation, 5 min. discussion)


8:35     NSEC: 2004 Center for Integrated Nanomechanical Systems (pdf) (425914)

            University of California Berkeley, PI: Alex Zettl


9:00     NSEC: 2004 Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing (pdf) (425826) Northeastern University, PIs: Ahmed Busnaina, Joey Mead, Glen Miller, Carol Barry, Nick McGruer n


9:25     NSEC: 2004 Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices (CANPBD) (425626) Ohio State University, PI: L. James Lee


9:50     NSEC: 2004 NSEC for Molecular Function at the Nano/Bio Interface (pdf) (425780) University of Pennsylvania, PI: Dawn Bonnell




Moderators: Xiang Zhang and Sohi Rastegar


10:30   NSEC: 2004 Center for Probing the Nanoscale (425897) Stanford University, David Goldhaber-Gordon, PI: Kathryn Moler


10:55   NSEC: 2004 Templated Synthesis and Assembly at the Nanoscale (pdf) (425880) University of Wisconsin-Madison, PI: Paul Nealey


11:20   NNIN: The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (pdf) (0335765), PI: Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University


11:45   NCN: The Network for Computational Nanotechnology (pdf) (0228390), PIs: Mark Lundstrom, Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University


12:10   LUNCH – catered at NSF (all NSECs and NSF staff) Room 375


1:30    PANEL DISCUSSION: NSF Education pdf1 pdf2

Moderators: Robert Westervelt (Harvard U.) and Larry Bell (Museum of Science, Boston)


2:30     PANEL DISCUSSION: NSF Networking and Business (pdf)

Moderators: James Yardley (Columbia U.), Robert Burhman (Cornell U.) and Richard Siegel (RPI)


3:30     PANEL DISCUSSION: NSF Societal Dimensions of NSE

Moderators: Vicki Colvin (Rice U.), David Guston (ASU) and Ahmed Busnaia (Northeastern U.)


4:30     Closure

Day 4: Thursday, December 15, 2005


Session H. Nanoscale Centers & Networks

Moderator: Minoo Dastoor, NASA


8:30 Center for Cell Mimetic Space Exploration, Chih-Ming Ho, UCLA


8:55     Institute for Nanoelectronics and Computing, David Janes, Purdue University


9:20     Bio-inspired Design and Processing of Multi-functional Nano-composites, Ilhan Aksay, Princeton University


9:45     Institute for Intelligent Bio-nano Materials and Structures for Aerospace Vehicles, Dimitris Lagoudas, Texas A&M


10:10-10:30 Coffee Break


Session I. Nanoscale Centers & Networks

Moderator: Jim Murday, DOD


11:00   The Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies, William A. Peters, MIT


11:25 NRL Institute of Nanoscience, Richard Colton, NRL


11:50 California Center for Nanoscience, David Awschalom, UCSB


12:15 MURI Arlington (TX) Center on Nanomanufacturing, Ping Liu, UT Arlington


12:40 to 1:30 Lunch


Session J. Nanoscale Centers & Networks

Moderators: Minoo Dastoour, James Murday, Kristin Bennett and Mike Roco


Panel discussion about collaborations and outreach for nanocenters


1:30 Networking and business aspects (pdf) (panel)

Moderators: Neal Shinn (DOE/SNL), James Yardley (NSF/Columbia U.) and Ilhan Aksay (NASA/Princeton U.)


2:30   EHS (panel)

            Moderators: Dawn Bonnell (U. Pennsylvania)


3:30   ELSI and Public engagement (pdf) (panel)

            Moderators: Susanna Priest (USC), David Ucko (NSF) and William Peters (DOD/MIT)


4:00-5:00      Closure