Project Overviews 2006 NSF NSE Conference (in progress)




Structures & Phenomena

(07) Integrated Study of Thermoelectric Transport and Energy Conversion in Bismuth-Based Nanowires, 0506830, Gang Chen et al, MIT

(09) Influence of Nanoscale Structure and Dynamics on the Deformation of Polymer Glass Nanocomposites, 0506840, PIs: Mark Edigera, Juan de Pablo, James Caruthers, and Ken Schweizer; University of Wisconsin-Madison; Purdue University; University of Illinois

(11) Quantum Spin Dynamics in Molecular Nanomagnets, 0506926, PIs: Andrew D. Kent, George C. Christou, Naresh Dalal, David N. Hendrickson, and Stephen Hill New York University, University of Florida, Florida State University, University of California at San Diego

(12) Single Particle Per Bit Magnetic Information Storage, 0507050, PIs: Sara A. Majetich, James A. Bain, Jian-Gang Zhu, Tomasz Kowaleski, Carnegie Mellon University

(15) Nanoscale Motors Powered by Catalytic Reactions, 0506967, PIs: Ayusman Sen,* Thomas Mallouk, Jeffrey Catchmark, Vincent Crespi, The Pennsylvania State University

(16) Semiconductor nanostructures and photonic crystal microcavities for quantum information processing at terahertz frequencies, 0507295, Mark S. Sherwin, Pierre M. Petroff, Craig Pryor and Jelena Vuckovic, UC Santa Barbara; UC Santa Barbara; University of Iowa; Stanford University

(17) Design of Nanoporous Materials for Enantioselective Single-Site
, 0507013, PIs: Randall Q. Snurr, Linda J. Broadbelt, Donald E. Ellis, Joseph T. Hupp, and SonBinh T. Nguyen, Northwestern University

(18) Full Spatio-Temporal Control on Nanoscale, 050714, Mark Stockman, Georgia State;
Keith Nelson and Moungi Bawendi, MIT; Hrvoje Petek, University of Pittsburgh

(19) Bio-inspired actuating Structures, 050715, PIs: Richard Superfine, Michael Falvo, Melissa Jones, Richard McLaughlin, Edward Samulski; University of North Carolina, North Carolina State University

(21) Nanostructured Materials for Interconnect and Packaging Technology, 0506841, King-Ning Tu, et al., University of California Los Angeles



(03) Multimodal Qdot based nanoprobe for real time noninvasive bioimaging, 0506560
PIs: Brij M. Moudgil, Glenn A. Walter, Edward W. Scott and Swadeshmukul Santra, University of Central Florida

(04) Aerogels and Related Nanoporous Materials for Biological Membranes, 0506602, Subhash H Risbud, et al., University of California Davis

(05) Design of Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Probing Living Cellular Functions and their Potential Environmental Impacts, 0507036, Xiaohong Nancy Xu, et al., Old Dominion University



(38) Self-cleaning Ceramic Membranes for the Removal of Natural and Synthetic Nanomaterials from Drinking Water Using Hybrid Ozonation-Nanofiltration, 0506828
Jeonghwan Kim, Alla L. Alpatova, Lindsay M. Wright, Thomas L. Deits, Simon H. R. Davies, Melissa J. Baumann, Volodymyr V. Tarabara, Susan J. Masten; Michigan State University, Lansing Community College, McMaster University

(39) Clusters to Nanoparticles: Implications for Atmospheric Nucleation, 0506674, Peter H McMurry et al., University of Minnesota

(40) Nanoparticle Fe as a Reactive Constituent in Air, Water, and Soil, 0506679, PIs: Michelle M. Scherer, John D. Coates, Vicki H. Grassian, Clark M. Johnson, Martin A St. Clair; University of Iowa, University of California Berkeley, University of Wisconsin, Coe Colleg



(24) Photovoltaic Devices Based on Nanoparticles and Nanowires, 0506672, Eray S. Aydil, David J. Norris, Uwe Kortshagen, Xiaoyang Zhu; University of Minnesota

(25) Collective Computation with Self Assembled Quantum Dots, Nanowires and Nanodiodes: A Novel Paradigm for Nanoelectronics, 0506710, PIs: Supriyo Bandyopadhyay, Koray Karahaliloglu, Pinaki Mazumder and Kang Wang, Virginia Commonwealth University, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, UCLA

(26) Directed self-assembly of polymers and nanotubes into air-suspended bridges, 0506941, PIs: R. W. Cohn, R. S. Keynton, G. H. McKinley, G. N. Tew, University Louisville, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University Massachusetts Amherst

(27) Study of Electro- and Magneto-Mechanical Nano-Assemblies, 0506738, PIs: Toh-Ming Lu, Gwo-Ching Wang, Nikhil Koratkar, Theodorain Borca-Tasciuc and Mutushiro Shima; Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

(28) Metal-Dielectric Interfaces at the Nanoscale For Quantum-Information and Microwave Devices, 0507227; PIs: John Martinis and Andrew Cleland, Susanne Stemmer, and Robert York, University of California at Santa Barbara

(30) Chemically Tunable Nanotube Electronics, 0506660, Moonsub Shim, Narayan Aluru, Michael Strano, Saeed Mohammadi, Arvind Raman, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Purdue University

(32) Extremely-Mismatched Materials for Advanced Nanodevices, 0506095, PIs: Patrick Fay, April Brown, Thomas Kuech, and Alan Seabaugh; University of Notre Dame, Duke University, University of Wisconsin Madison

(34) Molecular/Semiconductor Heterostructure Devices, 0506802, PIs: David B. Janes, Supriyo Datta, Amy Walker, Mark C. Hersam and SonBinh Nguyen; Purdue University, Washington University at St. Louis, and Northwestern University



(41) Deagglomeration and Mixing of Nanoparticles, 0506722, PIs: Rajesh Dave, Ram Gupta, Robert Pfeffer, Sankaran Sundaresan, Maria Silvina Tomassone; New Jersey Institute of Technology, Auburn University, Princeton University, Rutgers University

(42) Manufacturing with Nanoparticle Sprays and Beams, 0506748, PIs: Steven L. Girshick, Traian Dumitrica, William W. Gerberich, Peter H. McMurry and David J. Norris, University of Minnesota

(44) Total Chemical Synthesis, Modeling and Property Studies of Nanoparticle/Polymer Hybrid Materials, 0506531, PIs: Joseph P. Brennan, Qun Huo, Wenfang Sun, Weihong (Katie) Zhong; North Dakota State University, University of Central Florida

(45) Fundamental Study of Bulk Magnesium Alloy Matrix Nanocomposites Fabricated by Ultrasonic Cavitation Based Solidification Processing, 0506767, PIs: Xiaochun Li, Roderic Lakes, Sindo Kou, Joanna Groza, and Kenneth Gall, University of Wisconsin Madison, University of California Davis, Georgia Institute of Technology

(46) Nanoscale Engineering and Manufacture Effected Through Molecular Architecture and Structure, 0506309, Michael E. Mackay, David Tomanek, Karen L. Wooley, Craig J. Hawker,
(affiliates) Amalie Frischknecht, Mat Celina, Roger Assink; Michigan State University, Washington University in St. Louis, University of California Santa Barbara, Sandia National Laboratories

(47) Nanotechnological Manufacturing: Nanostructured Polymers Designed for Plasma/Energetic Beam Templating of Materials, 0506988, PIs: G. S. Oehrlein, R. J Phaneuf, D. B Graves, and C. G. Willson, A. Alizadeh; University of Maryland, University of California Berkeley, University of Texas Austin, GE Global Research Center

(48) Science and Technology of Nanoporous Metal Films, 0507023, PIs: Michael Reed, Robert Kelly, Matthew Begley, Giovanni Zangari, Hilary Bart-Smith; University of Virginia

(49) Understanding Robust Large Scale Manufacturing of Nanoparticles and Their Toxicology, 0506968, M. D. Smooke, Yale University; M. R. Zachariah, University of Maryland; J. N. Finkelstein and G. Oberdorster, University of Rochester School of Medicine