The NSF NSE Conference takes place at the National Science Foundation building at 4201 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington Virginia. You can travel by taxi from either National Airport or Dulles Airport. The NSF is also one block from the Ballston subway station if you choose to use the Metro subway train.

You will need to pick up a security badge as you enter the NSF building. A badge with your name will be waiting for you. The conference takes place on the third floor in conference room 375.

Participants who are making an oral presentation at the conference may use their own laptop computer, or alternatively bring a Powerpoint presentation on a CD or USB flash memory stick. Overhead transparancies can also be used. Participants who are presenting a poster should set up their poster in the morning so that it can be viewed during the working lunches and coffee breaks throughout the 3-day conference.

Lunch will be provided during the working lunch periods. This time should be used to visit the poster presentations and to have discussions with other participants. There also will be two nice conference dinners at a nearby restaurants at the end of the first and second days. .(If you choose to join for dinner, it is not free unfortunately -- you will have to pay. More details will be provided at the conference.)

The roundtable discussions are very important to the future directions of the NSE program and the overall vitality of the NSE research field. Please share your thoughts and questions with the group.

This conference is a NSF-sponsored program review and research networking workshop focused on 21st-century nanotechnology. This three-day conference highlights the ongoing research of grantee projects and includes roundtable discussions designed to promote new research interactions among the greater research community. The conference creates an opportunity for timely dissemination of innovative research progress, facilitation of partnerships, and identification of future research directions. These interdisciplinary interactions help to advance the goals of the National Nanotechnology Initiative. (Link to further information)
Sponsored by the
National Science Foundation

Link to the 2001 NSF Partnership in Nanotechnology Grantee Conference.