Nanotechnology Highlights
December 2003 (1-page PDF files)

Nanoscale Biosystems

A Nanoscale Bio-electronic Switch
University of Wisconsin Madison

Probing Viral Adhesion with Nanoengineered Biomembranes and Quantum Dots
University of California Davis

The Development of Vault Nano Capsules
University of California Los Angeles

Microfluidic Device for Manipulation of Micro/Nano Particles and Droplets
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, SUNY Albany

Nano-Composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses
SUNY Stony Brook

Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Immunoassay
Northwestern University

Nanoscale Education and Outreach

Envisioning and Communicating Self-assembly
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IBM, Sandia

Nanoscale Theory/Modeling/Simulation

Computational design and optimization of nanoscale spintronic and
thermoelectric devices

Georgetown University, IBM Almaden

Multi-scale modeling of the evolution of self-assembled quantum dots
Brown University

Nanoscale Devices and System Architectures

Single-Molecule Transistors Incorporating Inorganic Molecular Clusters
Harvard University, UC Berkeley, IBM

Properties of Deformed Nanotubes
Stanford University

Rapid Single Molecule Measurements
Arizona State University

Nano-Magnet Motions Controlled by Spin-Polarized Currents
Cornell University

Self-Aligned and Self-Limited Quantum Dot Nanoswitches
Ohio State University

Microfluidic Device for Manipulation of Micro/Nano Particles and Droplets
Texas A&M University

Manufacturing at the Nanoscale

Manufacturing at Nanoscale: Top-down, Bottom-up and System Engineering
UCLA, UC Berkeley, Stanford University

Merged CMOS/Molecular I.C. Fabrication, Analysis, and Design:
A Simplified Test Structure For Electrical Characterization Of Molecules

University of Virginia

Deformation Mechanisms and Manufacturing of Nanostructured Materials (1)
As Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation (2)
University of California San Diego

Fabrication of Biomolecular and Polymeric Nanostructures by Proximal Probes
Duke University

Programmed Assembly of Nanocomponents by DNA Scaffolding
University of Minnesota

Nanoreactor Processes for Manufacturing Oriented Materials
Penn State University

Ink-Jetting of Nanostructured Matrices for Controlled Gene Delivery
Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh

Fluidization of Silica Nanoparticles Using External Forces
New Jersey Institute of Technology

Fluid Interactions/Transport in Nanodomains and Around Nanoparticles
Wocester Polytechnic University

Enhancing the Properties of Nanoscale Electrospun Polymer Fibers
University of Delaware

Manufacturing/Synthesis and Nanostructure of Superhard Thin Films/Materials
University of Cincinnati

Assembly of Nanostructures by Robotic Manipulation and Sintering
University of Southern California

Nanoscale Structure & Phenomena

Coherent Flow of Electron Waves
Harvard University

• Carbon Nanopipes for Nanofluidics Devices and In-Situ Fluid Studies
Drexel University, Univ. Illinois at Chicago, UPenn

Size Dependence of Phase Transitions in Nanocrystalline Oxides
Vanderbilt University, Harvard University

Uncovering Deformation Mechanisms of Nanostructured Materials
Johns Hopkins University

Nanoengineered Shells for Encapsulation and Controlled Release
Lousiana Tech University, Univ. Louisiana Monroe, Penn State Univ

Designer Nanotubes Made to Order -Any Material, Any Property, Any Shape
University of Florida

Ordering of Self-Assembled Polymers for Nanolithography Applications
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, IBM, Sandia

Band Gap Tailoring of Nd3+ Doped TiO2 Nanoparticles
University of Delaware

A New Class of Oxidation Catalysts: The Role of Atomically Dispersed Metals in Nanostructured Oxides
Tufts University

Minimum Nanocrystalline Grain Size Obtainable During Cryomilling
University of California

Self-Assembled Silicide Nanowires
Arizona State University

Nanomechanical Sensors Based on Carbon Nanotube Arrays
Northwestern University

Spontaneous Formation of Domains on Metal Nanoparticles
Wayne State University

Lanthanide Oxide Particles in Biology
University of California Davis

Electroless Plating of Protein Templates for the Fabrication of Straight Nanowires on Silicon
University of Arizona

Single Crystal and Amorphous Nanoparticle Semiconductor Devices
University of Minnesota

Sponsored by the
National Science Foundation
NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees Conference, December 2003