About the NSF Partnership in Nanotechnology Conference

The NSF "Partnership in Nanotechnology" conference is a program review and research networking workshop. This workshop brings together grantee teams from two major NSF nanotechnology programs -- "Functional Nanostructures" (NSF 98-20) and "Nanoscale Modeling and Simulation" (NSF 00-36) -- together with representatives from industry, the National Nanofabrication Users Network (NNUN), the Descartes simulation network, and national laboratories.

This two-day conference highlights the research of the grantee projects and includes roundtable discussion designed to promote inter-university and academic-industry-national laboratory interactions. The conference creates an opportunity for timely dissemination of innovative research progress, facilitation of partnerships, and identification of future research directions. These interdisciplinary interactions help to advance the goals of the National Nanotechnology Initiative.

Conference Organizers:
Mark Tuominen, UMass Amherst, tuominen@physics.umass.edu
Mihail Roco, NSF, mroco@nsf.gov