Progress in Nanotechnology

The Conference is a combination of keynotes, panels, posters, program information sessions, discussions of research trends, and principal investigator meetings with NSF program directors.

Draft agenda updated June 22, 2018

Day 1: Thursday, December 6, 2018

Progress in foundational nanotechnology and infrastructure

Edison Room
7:30Coffee and continental breakfast
8:30Conference welcome and purpose of the meeting
Robert Westervelt, Harvard University
Academic conference chair
8:40Welcome at NSF
Dawn Tilbury, AD/ENG
8:50Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF
Mike Roco, NSF
9:10Quantum phenomena in nanoscale systems
Moderator: Tina Brower-Thomas, Howard University
Keynote: Robert Westervelt, Harvard University
9:40Refreshment Break and Poster Visitation
Note: all posters will be available in Bell Room in Alexandria Westin Hotel
10:00Panel 1: Quantum phenomena in nanoscale systems
Moderators: Naomi Brave, Harvard University

Discussion Topics: What are current grand challenges that can be accomplished in the next decade?  How do we handle the gap between basic discovery and translation to  applications?
11:30Convergence of nanotechnology, biotechnology and other technologies at OECD
    12:00Working Lunch
    12:30International NSE opportunities at NSF (15 min)
    1:00Keynote: Cell nanocomponents and synthetic cells
    1:30Panel 2. Cell nanocomponents and synthetic cells
    3:00Refreshment Break and Poster Viewing
    3:30Panel 3. Nano Centers (NNCI, MRSECs, NERCs, new STCs)
    5:00Panel 4. nanoHUB Tutorial. User Session
    5:45Wrap up for Day 1
    6:00 -
    Poster Engagement Session and Reception (Light refreshments served)

    Day 2: Friday, December 7, 2018

    Grand opportunities and convergence

    Edison Room
    7:30Coffee and Continental Breakfast
    8:00Conference welcome and outline
    Robert Westervelt, Harvard University
    Academic Chair of Conference
    8:05Welcome at NSF
    8:15Keynote: From nanoscience to manufacturing nanotechnology products
    Panel 5.  Atomically precise manufacturing
    Keynote: “NIOSH Nanotechnology Research Plan for 2018-2025”
    Moderators: Nora Savage, NSF/ENG
    Keynote speaker:  Charles Geraci, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (invited)
    10:15Refreshment Break
    10:30Panel 6.  Converging technologies (NBICA) for Intelligent Cognitive Assistants
    12:00Working Lunch
    Panel 7A. Portraying Nanotechnology R&D on Video and Web
    1:00Panel 7B. Nanotechnology immersion in public perception of science
    1:45Panel 8. Nanotechnology and Converging Technologies

    3:15Refreshment Break
    3:30Panel 9. Convergence learning challenges
    5:00Summary of the Conference and Adjourn