Project Overview

NER: Design and Study of non-Classical Optical Phenomena in Self-Assembled Nanophotonics

# 0609244
Michael Bartl (Principal Investigator)

The object of this research is to experimentally realize and study novel non-classical optical phenomena through the combination of nanoscale photon sources with specifically engineered nanophotonic structures. In particular, the proposed work strives to investigate the effect of photonic band structure crystals on spontaneous emission. The approach is based on activating high-quality 3-dimensional titania inverse opal photonic crystals with nanocrystal emitters using molecular linkers with nanocrystal-specific functional groups. The core of the proposed research is a systematic investigation of the optical properties of such nanoemitter-activated photonic crystals, utilizing an arsenal of micro-spectroscopy techniques including polarization-dependent and angle-resolved photon dynamics and statistics measurements.

The defining goals of this proposal are to obtain detailed insights into photonic crystal/nanoemitter coupling for non-classical manipulation of spontaneous emission and to realize novel optical phenomena such as cavity-less photonic band-edge lasing and the creation of stable optical qubits. If successful, the proposed work should lead to breakthroughs in information technology and thus should have significant economic and social impacts. Ultra-fast photon-based information processing lies in the heart of future technologies and therefore can be expected to deeply impact our faster-is-better society. In addition, the multidisciplinary nature of this proposal is also an excellent research area for undergraduate and graduate students, who will be trained in the interdisciplinary aspects of this project, including laser spectroscopy, electron and optical microscopy, and materials chemistry. To further broaden the impact, special efforts will be focused towards the recruitment of minority and female students/trainees.

Source: NSF