Project Overview

NIRT: Collective Computation with Self Assembled Quantum Dots, Nanodiodes and Nanowires: A Novel Paradigm for Nanoelectronics

# 0506710
Supriyo Bandyopadhyay (Principal Investigator)
Kang Wang (Co-Principal Investigator)
Koray Karahaliloglu (Co-Principal Investigator)
Wei Lu (Co-Principal Investigator)
Pinaki Mazumder (Former Co-Principal Investigator)
Jianping Sun (Former Co-Principal Investigator)

The project aims to synthesize nano-structures for cellular neural networks capable of signal processing and collective computational activity. Additionally, speed-power analysis, network abstraction tools and simulators will be developed, and efficient approaches to data input and output will be explored.

The approach is to fabricate and test nanowire and quantum dot arrays using self-assembly and MBE growth. These structures are known to exhibit the desired circuit behavior. A recently observed phenomenon, whereby the negative differential resistance in the structures can be modulated with infrared excitation, is being explored in an effort to create a paradigm for optical programming.

The potential impacts of this research are in revolutionizing alternate approaches to computation and signal processing, and developing a neruromorphic paradigm based on simple self assembled structures capable of ultrafast and ultra low power computation.

Source: NSF