Project Overview

Hydroxyl Radical and Sulfate Radical-Based Advanced Oxidation Nanotechnologies for the Destruction of Biological Toxins in Water

# 0448117
Dionysios Dionysiou (Principal Investigator)

Advanced Oxidation Technologies (AOTs) are among the most promising emerging chemical oxidation processes for the treatment of organic pollutants of different chemical composition. AOTs are based on the generation of very reactive radicals, which in general have very high second order reaction rate constants with most organic contaminants. For this reason, AOTs are characterized with high reaction rates and short treatment times. In modern environmental engineering, AOTs are anticipated to play a crucial role in water treatment as stand-alone processes or in combination with conventional technologies. The PI proposes to expand on-going research and educational activities on the treatment of organic contaminants in water using AOTs.

The proposed research will be useful for the development of new remediation technologies for the destruction of environmental contaminants and chemicals that can be used in chemical and biological terrorists actions. The educational plan will promote understanding of issues relevant to AOTs and drinking water quality and treatment, and will intensify interaction between drinking water professionals across disciplines.

Source: NSF