2006 Nanoscale Science and Technology Grantee Conference

National Science Foundation, Room 375, Arlington, Virginia

December 4-6, 2006


Conference Program (speakers in bold)

www.nsf.gov/nano and www.nseresearch.org


Monday (4 Dec 2006)  -     Review NIRT (morning, afternoon)

Tuesday (5 Dec 2006) –     Review NIRT (morning), Review NSEC (afternoon)

Wednesday (6 Dec 2006) – Review NSEC and NSF nanotechnology networks


Day 1:  Monday, December 4, 2006


Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Projects (I)

All events in Room 375, except posters


7:15     Coffee


8:15     Conference Overview, Darrell Velegol


8:20     Welcome from Richard O. Buckius (pdf)


8:30     3-D measurements at the nanoscale, Kathryn Moler (Stanford University)


9:30     NIRT PI introductions and poster presentations near 375 (link to overviews)

            ·  structures & phenomena

            ·  biosystems

            ·  environment

            ·  devices

            ·  modeling

            ·  manufacturing

            ·  education & society


11:30  Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF, Mike Roco (NSF) (pdf)


12:00   Working lunch in room 375 and NIRT PI introductions


1:00     Nanoscale breakthroughs in energy research, Gang Chen (MIT) (pdf)


2:00     What is news? (communications ideas & discussion), Josh Chamot (NSF)


3:00     Funding for international research, Cassandra Dudka (NSF) (pdf)


3:15     Coffee and snacks and NIRT PI introductions


3:30     Why we all should care about nanomaterials in the environment: problems AND opportunities (with discussion at end), Greg Lowry (Carnegie Mellon University) and Vicki Colvin (Rice University)


4:30     University-industry interactions and research trends

moderated by Mike Roco (NSF) and Richard Siegel (Director of RPI NSEC)


5:30     adjourn for dinner


6:00     dinner at choice of Tutto Bene (Italian), Front Page (American), or Matsutake (Japanese)



Day 2:  Tuesday, December 5, 2006


NIRT II (morning), NSEC (afternoon)

All events in Room 375, except posters


7:15     Coffee


8:00 Arden Bement, NSF Director,

Nanotechnology Frontiers at NSF; Q&A


8:30 Introduction for the second day, Judy Raper (NSF, Division Director for CBET) (pdf)


8:40 Commercializing “nano” entrepreneurship ideas (with discussion),

Steve Fonash (Penn State) and Richard Chapas (PNL) (pdf)


9:40 Poster presentations, with program managers (link to overviews)

• biosystems,

• structures & phenomena,

• devices and system architecture,

• modeling,

• environment,

• manufacturing,


11:30 The next big thing in NANO (brainstorming session)

moderated by Mike Roco (NSF)


12:00   Working lunch in room 375


12:50   Introduction, Ulrich Strom (NSF)


1:00     NSEC talks (established in fiscal 2005-6), 20 minute presentations, 10 minute discussion

            Center for Hierarchical Manufacturing,                                   

James Watkins and Mark Tuominen (U. Massachusetts - Amherst) (pdf)

            Nanotechnology in Society, Clark Miller (ASU) (pdf)

            Nanotechnology in Society, Barbara Harthorn (UCSB)

Nanoconnections to Society, Richard Freeman (Harvard) (pdf)

            Nanoscale Informal Science Education (NISE), Larry Bell (Museum of Science, Boston) (pdf)


3:00     Coffee and snacks


3:30     NSEC and NIRT Panel: Networking

            3:30 The NCN, Mark Lundstrom (Purdue U.) (pdf)

            4:00 Discussion 

moderated by Mark Lundstrom, James Yardley (Columbia U.), Barbara Harthorn (UCSB) and Larry Bell (Museum of Science, Boston)


4:30     NSEC and NIRT Panel: Nanotechnology laboratory and safety issues,

4:30 Overview, Vicki Colvin (Rice U.) (pdf)

            5:00 Discussion

moderated by Dawn Bonnell (U. of Pennsylvania) and Enriqueta Barrera (NSF)


5:30     Adjourn for dinner (individual reservations)



Day 3:  Wednesday, December 6, 2006


Nanoscale centers and networks

All events in Room 375


7:15     Coffee (in Room 375)


7:50     Introduction, Mike Roco (NSF)


8:00     Nanoscale centers & networks (each 20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion)

            NNIN, Sandip Tiwari (Cornell U.) (pdf)

NSEC network, James Yardley (Columbia U.) (pdf)

MRSEC network, Tom Russell (pdf)

NCLT, Robert Chang (Northwestern U.) (pdf)


10:00   Coffee and snacks


10:30   Discussion Panel: Education and Outreach

            Moderated by Robert Chang (Northwestern U.) and David Ucko (NSF)


12:00   Working lunch


1:00     Centers (each 20 minutes and 10 minutes discussion)

            NIH overview, Jeff Schloss (pdf)

NIST overview, Kevin Lyons (pdf)

NASA overview, Minoo Dastoor (pdf)

DOD overview, James Murday (pdf)


3:00     National Nanomanufacturing Network, Mark Tuominen (U. of Massachusetts, Amherst) (pdf)


3:15     Coffee and snacks


3:30     Discussion Panel: Addressing longer-term societal dimensions

Moderated by Clark Miller (ASU), Priscilla Regan (NSF) and Mike Roco (NSF)


4:30     Adjourn NSE meeting