2004 Nanoscale Science and Technology Grantee Conference


National Science Foundation, Building II, Room 555, Arlington, Virginia


December 13-15, 2004


Conference Program (speakers in bold)

www.nsf.gov/nano and www.nseresearch.org



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Day 1:  Monday, December 13, 2003

Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Projects (I)

Poster Presentations (Rooms 525,535, 545 and 595)


8:00     Coffee in Room 375


8:30     Welcome, John Brighton, NSF


8:40     Conference Overview, Elizabeth Podlaha


8:45     Nanoscale Science and Engineering at NSF, Mike Roco



Session A.  Focus on Biosystems



Moderator: Mark Tuominen, U. Mass, and Gerald Selzer, NSF


9:00  Inteins as Nanoswitches for Biotechnology: Linking Molecular Modeling with Biophysical and Genetic Methods, (304055)

         PIs: Georges Belfort, Saroj Nayak, Shekhar Garde, Marlene Belfort, Victoria Derbyshire; Rensselaer Polytech Institute


9:15  Nanoscale Arrays for Direct RNA Profiling in Single Calls and their Compartments, (304569)

         PIs: Weihong Tan, Leonid L. Moroz, Steven A. Benner, Stephen J. Pearton, Harold G. Craighead; University of Florida


9:30  Spider Silk Proteins, (304494)

         PIs: Randolph Lewis, C. Middaugh, Jeffery L. Yarger, Costas Karatzas; University of Wyoming;


9:45 Nanoscale Engineering of Bilaterally Acessible Biomembrane Mimics, (304062)

PIs: Mathias Loesche, John J. Kasianowicz, Jonah D. Erlebacher, Michael E. Paulaitis; Johns Hopkins University


10:00 Manipulation of DNA-Protein Interactions at the Nano-Scale, (304316) 

          PIs: Ronald Larson, Mark A. Burns, Stella W. Pang; University of Michigan





Session B.  Focus on Devices



Moderator: Elizabeth Podlaha


10:35 Optical Interconnects for High Performance Processes; Architecture Circuits and Devices, (304574)

         PIs: David Albonesi, Eby Friedman; University of Rochester


10:50 Spatially Ordered Self-Assembled Quantum Dot Gate Low Voltage/Power, High Speed Nanoscale Flash Memories, (304026)

         PIs: Sanjee Banerjee, Leonard Register; University of Texas Austin 


11:05 Nanofabricated All-Optical Computing, Switching, and Signal Processing Devices Based on Single Photon Tunneling,  (304046)

         PIs: Christopher Davis, Andrei Stanishevsky; University of MD-College Park


11:20 Molecular Sensing and Actuation by CMOS Nonvolatile Charges with Indpendently Addressed Nanoscale Circuits, (304483)

         PIs: Edwin Kan, Douglas Kysar; Cornell University


11:35 Bottom Up Assembly of Metal and Semiconductor Nanowires: Fundamental Forces to Nanoelectric Circuits, (303976)

            PIs: Darryl Velegol, Christine Keating; PA State U University Park              


11:50 Enhancing the Sensitivity and Stability of Biosensors by Novel Nanostructures, (0304340)

         PIs: Yiping Zhao, Guigen Zhang; University of Georgia






1:00 Nanotechnology and Public Outreach

            Mitch Waldrop, OLPA, NSF


Moderator:  Geoff Prentice, NSF


1:15 Science and Technology of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films for Multifunctional MEMS/NEMS Devices, (0304472)

         PIs: Zhen Chen, Mark Hersam; University of Missouri Columbia


1:30 Magnetically Driven Assembly of Heterogeneous Nanosystems, (0304453)

         PIs: Gennady Friedman, Nily Dan; Drexel University


1:45 Hierarchical Assembly of Interconnects for Molecular Electronics, (0303746)

         PIs: Christopher Gorman, Daniel Feldheim; North Carolina State University


2:00 Heterogeneous Integration of Nanowires for Chemical Sensor Arrays, (0303981)

         PIs: Thomas Mallouk, Stephane Evoy ; PA State U University Park


2:15 Nanomagnetism in Complex Magnetic Materials and Devices, (0303774)

         PIs: Yuri Suzuki, Angelica Stacy, Jagadeesh Moodera; University of Cal Berkeley


2:30 Synthesis, Characterization and Modeling of Aligned Nanotube Arrays for Nanoscale Devices and Composites, (0304506)

PIs: Tsu-Wei Chou, Rodney Ruoff, Zhifeng Ren, Erik Thostenson; University of Delaware



 Session C.  Focus on Manufacturing


Moderator:  Kevin Lyons, NSF


2:45 Functionalized Nanowires for Electromechanical and Optical Detection of Biomolecules with Ultrahigh Sensitivity and Specific, (0304209)

         PIs: Roya Maboudian, Peidong Yang; University of California-Berkeley


3:00 Nanoscale Manufacturing - Nonlinear Nanocomposites for Magnetostrictive Actuators and Photonic Devices, (0304031)

         PIs: Michael Becker, Desiderio Kovar;  University of Texas Austin


3:15  Single Nanoparticle Devices, A New Technique for Bottom-Up Manufacturing, (0304211)

         PIs: Stephen Campbell, Heiko Jacobs; University of Minnesota






3:50 Synthesis and Application of Magnetic Nano- and Nano-composite Particles, (0304649)

         PIs: Ren Chen, Richard Axelbaum; Washington University


4:05 Reversible and Directional Self-Assembly of Bio-Molecular Templates for Nanotechnology Interconnects, (0303863)

         PIs: Pierre  Deymier, James Hoying;  University of Arizona


4:20 Nano-pantography, (0303790)

PIs: Vincent Donnelly,  Paul Ruchhoeft; University of Houston


4:35 Nano-composite Metal Oxides for Electronic Noses, (0304169)

         PIs: Pelagia Gouma, Michael Dudley; SUNY Stony Brook


4:50 Robust Manufacturing Protocol for Particulate-like Nanoporous Micro-devices (NMDs) for Biomedical and Biochemical Applications (Manufacturing Processes at the Nanoscale), (0304112)

         PIs: Ly James Lee, Derek Hansford; Ohio State University


5:05  Bio-Nano-Robotic Systems Using Viral Protein Nano Motors, (0303950)

PIs: Constantinos Mavroidis, Yarmush, Tomassone, Papadimitrakopoulos; Northeastern University


5:20  3D Nano-Manufacturing Processes for Nanophotonic Devices and Systems, (0304650)

PIs: Rafael  Piestun,  Wounjhang Park; University of Colorado-Boulder     


Session D.  Focus on Processing in the Environment

Moderator:   E. Barrera, NSF

5:35 Investigating Nano-carbon Particles in the Atmosphere: Formation and Transformation, (0304433)

PIs: Joanne Lighty, Angela Violi, Greg Voth, Ron Pugmire, Adel Sarofim; University of Utah


5:50 Nanoscale Processes in the Environment: Atmospheric Nanoparticles, (0304213) 

         PIs: Scot Martin, Peter Buseck, Lynn Russell; Harvard University


6:05 Developing a Nanoscale Sensing Device for Measuring the Supply of Iron to Phytoplankton in Marine Systems (0304523)

         PIs: M Wells, Karen Orcutt; University of Maine


6:20-6:45 Discussion: Gaps in Research and Education Portofolio


7:30 Conference Dinner:

Day 2:  Tuesday, December 14, 2003

Nanoscale Interdisciplinary Research Team Projects Presentations (II)

Poster Presentations (Rooms 525,535, 545 and 595)


8:00 am  Coffee in Room 375

Session E.  Focus on Structures and Phenomena


Moderator:  JoAnn Lighty


8:15  Silicide Nanowires for Nanoelectronics, (0304682)

PIs: Peter Bennett, Jonathan Bird; Arizona State University


8:30 Semiconducting Nanowires:  Novel Phenomenon and Nanoscale Sensors, (0304178)

PIs: Peter  Eklund, Srinivas Tadigadapa; PA St U University Park


8:45 Development of Mesoporous, Ultra Low Dielectric Constant, Patterned Films by 3-D Replication of Structured Organic Templates:A University/Industry/NIST Collaboration,( 0304159)                          

PIs: James Watkins, Michelle Schulberg;  University of Massachusetts-Amherst                           


9:00 Structure of Nanocrystals, (0304391)

PIs: Simon  J. L. Billinge, Valeri Petkov;  Michigan State University


9:15 Complex Nanostructures of Dissimilar Elements: Synthesis, Assembly & Proximal Electrical and Optical Interactions, (0304531)

PIs: Dawn Bonnell, Stephane Evoy; University of Pennsylvania


9:30 Tough Nanocomposite Coatings using New Self-Organized Carbon Forms, (0304246)   

PIs: William Curtin, Gregory Crawford; Brown University         


9:45 Molecular Assembly for Hybrid Electronics, (0304122)

         PIs: Dilip Gersappe, Konstantin Likharev; SUNY Stony Brook


10:00 Dynamic Heterogeneity and the Behavior of Glass-Forming Materials at the Nanoscale, (0304640)

            PIs: Sindee Simon,  Ranko Richert; Texas Tech University                      





Moderator:  Laverne Hess, NSF


 10:35 Microwave Synthesis of Nanostructured Solids, (0304217)

PIs: William Conner, Scott Auerbach; University of Massachusetts-Amherst                                 


10:50 Functionalizing Nanotubes for Novel Properties or Devices - an Integrated Theoretical and Experimental Approach, (0304019)

PIs: Nicola Marzari, Francesco Stellacci; Massachusetts Institute of Technology


11:05 Mechanical Behavior of Bulk Nanostructured Materials, (0304629)

PIs: Farghalli Mohamed, Daryl Chrzan, John William Morris, Jr.;  University of California-Irvine


11:20  Nanofluidic Networks for Single-Molecule Protein Analysis, (0304318)  

PIs: Don DeVoe, Benjamin Shapiro; U of MD College Park


11:35 Nanoscale Manipulation of Biological Entities using Magnetic Fluids and Fields, (0304128)

            PIs: Patrick Doyle, Paul Matsudaira; Massachusetts Institute of Technology


11:50  Nanoengineered Responsive Polymer Surfaces for Micro/Nanofluidic Bioanalytical Systems, (0304568)

            PIs: Qiao Lin, James Schneider; Carnegie Mellon University






1:00 Pursuing of International Collaborations

Larry Weber, INT, NSF


Moderator:   Glenn Schrader, NSF


1:15 NIRT on Wetting of  Surfaces with Nano-Scale Structures, (0303916)

         PIs: Peter  Pershan, Thomas Russell; Harvard University           


1:30 A New Class of Oxidation Catalysts:The Role of Atomically Dispersed Metals in Nanostructured Oxides, (0304515)

         PIs: Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos, Regina Valluzzi; Tufts University


1:45 Rationally Designed Nanosensing Substrates for Chemical and Biodetection, (0304097)                                                      

      PIs: Naomi Halas, Jeffrey Hartgerink; William Marsh Rice University                                                             


2:00 Electronic Interactions in Hybrid Organic-Nanoparticle Materials, (0303829)

      PIs: Elena Galoppini, Gerald Meyer, Piotr Piotrowiak; University of New Brunswick 


2:15 Optical and Electronic Processes in Metal Nanoparticle-Conjugated Organic Materials, (0303973)

         PIs: Theodore Goodson, Francesco Stellacci; University of Michigan        


2:30 Nanostructured Carbons from Self-Assembled Block Copolymer Precursors: From Synthesis and Characterization to Devices, (0304508)

         PIs: Tomasz Kowalewski, David Lambeth; Carnegie Mellon University   


2:45 Novel Nanoengineered Chromophore Aggregates with Controlled Electronic and Optical Properties, (0303389)

         PI: Shaul Mukamel; University of California-Irvine   


3:00 Quantum-State Transfer Between Photons and Nanostructures, (0304678)     

PIs: Dirk Bouwmeester, Pierre Petroff; Univeristy of California-Santa Barbara




Moderator: Michael Foster, NSF


3:35 Building Nanospintronic and Nanomagnetic Systems - Growth, Manipulation, and Characterization at the Atomic Scale, (0304314)

         PIs: Arthur Smith, Nancy Sandler; Ohio University


3:50 Nano-Arrays of Large Bandgap Semiconductors for Light Emitting and Spintronic Devices, (0304224)

         PIs: Henry Temkin, Latika Menon; Texas Tech University                         



Session F.  Societal Implications of Nanotechnology

Moderator:     William Frascella, NSF         


4:05 From Laboratory to Society: Developing an Informed Approach to Nanoscale Science and Technology, (304448)

         PIs: Davis Baird, Ann Johnson, Otavio Bueno, George Khushf and David Berube; University of South Carolina


 4:20 Science and Commercialization NanoBank, Database and Analysis, (0304727)

         PIs: Lynne Zucker, Roy Doumani, Michael Darby; University of California- LA



         Session G.  Focus on Modeling

Moderator:      Lakis Mountziaris, NSF

4:35  Dynamical Response of Carbon Nanotubes - Modeling, Simulations and Experiments, (0303674)

         PIs: Subrata  Mukherjee, Tomas Arias; Cornell University


4:50  Reduced Degree of Freedom Predictive Methods for Control and Design of Interfaces in Nanofeatured Systems: Nanocrystalline Materials, Sensors and Composites, (0304299)

         PIs: Donald Brenner, Marco Buongiorno Nardelli; North Carolina State University


5:05  Modeling And Simulation Framework At The Nanoscale.  Application To Process Simulation, Nanodevices, And Nanostructured Composites (0303902)

         PIs: Jacob Fish, Catalin Picu;  Rensselaer Polytech Institute


5:20 NANOJETS - Formation, Characterization and Applications, (0304009)

         PIs: Uzi  Landman, Oliver Brand; Georgia Institute of Technology


5:35 NIRT: Nanoscale shape memory actuators and swimming bugs - theory, computing, and MBE synthesis  (0304326)

         PIs: Mitchell Luskin, Christopher Palmstrom; University of Minnesota


5:50-6:15 Discussion:  Research and education priorities  


7:30 Conference Dinner:

Day 3: December 15, 2003


Nanoscale Centers and Networks Presentations

Poster Presentations (Rooms 525,535, 545 and 595)


8:00     Coffee in Room 375

Session F.  Nanoscale Centers & Networks


Moderator:  Ulrich Strom, NSF and Xiang Zhang


8:30     NSEC: 2003 Integrated and Scalable Nanomanufacturing, (0327077)

University of California Los Angeles

PIs: Xiang Zhang


8:55     NSEC: 2003 Nanoscale Chemical-Electrical-Mechanical Manufacturing Systems  (0328162)
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

            PIs: Placid Ferreira, I. Adesida, P. Kenis, M. Shannon


9:20     NSEC: 2004 Center for Integrated Nanomechanical Systems  (425914)

            University of California Berkeley

PI: Alex Zettl


9:45     NSEC: 2004 Center for High Rate Nanomanufacturing (425826)
Northeastern University

            PI: Ahmed Busnaina






10:30   NSEC: 2004 Center for Affordable Nanoengineering of Polymer Biomedical Devices (CANPBD) (425626)
Ohio State University

            PI: L. James Lee


10:55   NSEC: 2004 NSEC for Molecular Function at the Nano/Bio Interface (425780)
University of Pennsylvania

            PI: Dawn Bonnell


11:20   NSEC: 2004 Center for Probing the Nanoscale (425897)
Stanford University

            PI: Kathryn Moler


11:45   NSEC: 2004 Templated Synthesis and Assembly at the Nanoscale (425880)
University of Wisconsin-Madison

            PI: Paul Nealey




1:00    NNIN: The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (0335765)

PI: Sandip Tiwari, Cornell University


1:25     NCN: The Network for Computational Nanotechnology (0228390)

 PI: Mark Lundstrom, Gerhard Klimeck, Purdue University






3:00:    PANEL DISCUSSION:  Best Practices for Center Management and EHS

         Moderator: J. Yardley  and V. Colvin

Panelists: S. Tiwari, C. Mirkin, B. Baird, Jorge Rocca, Robert Chung, George Thompson


4:00     PANEL DISCUSSION: Interactions with Industry

            Moderator: X. Zhang and R.W. Siegel

Panelists: Mark Lundstrom, Ralph Cavin (SRC), Martha Collins (Air Products), Donald Anthony (CCR), Alice Till (Phrma)


5:00    PANEL DISCUSSION: Joint Research, Educational, and Outreach Opportunities for NSECs

            Moderator:  Mark Tuominen and Mike Roco

            Panelists:  W. Frascella, Jim Yardley, Bob Westervelt        


5:30     End of Conference


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